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  • Sherwood Primary School has a vision of being a Christian South African school, which aims at enabling its learners to achieve their full potential. The emphasis at the School is for all learners to enjoy and progress in the academic, sporting and cultural arenas.  It is our intention to fulfil this vision in time through the following means:

  • Giving our learners a sound educational foundation, by striving for excellence in teaching and learning, thereby preparing the learners for life in its broadest context. i.e. academically, socially and spiritually.

  • To encourage excellence among the educators at the School by continuing to attract and retain the best educators available and recognising the professional responsibilities of educators.

  • By maintaining a Christian ethos and applying Christian values whilst at all times respecting all other religions and cultures, the School aims at providing a firm foundation for personal stability, security and accountability which will enable the learners to lead productive and purposeful lives in society.

  • The School aims at serving the community within which it is situated and therefore does not unfairly discriminate on any grounds whatsoever.

  • To encourage parental/guardian involvement in the activities and management of the school by providing parents/guardians with regular feedback on matters pertaining to the school through School and Governing Body newsletters.

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