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Sherwood Primary School opened in 1953 and Miss K.A. Frank assumed duty as the first principal.  There were two prefabricated rooms  and 33 pupils enrolled.  During the same year , a playground and a storeroom was added and a third classroom built.  By 1955 , Sherwood Primary had 101 pupils and electricity was installed.  Miss Frank passed away in March 1960 and Mr A.D. Evans took over as principal.  In 1968 , The Director of Education , Mr P. Nel , opened the new school buildings .

Sadly , the second principal of the school was killed in a motor accident on 11 November 1973 and Mr Perry was nominated as acting principal until Mr A. Morgan was appointed principal on 04 July 1974. By 1982 , renovations began in the school and the first sponsored walk was held and later on in the year , the first Fun Run was organised. In 1985 , Mr Morgan retired as principal and on 1 July , Miss B.H. Fisher was appointed as the fourth principal of Sherwood Primary.  By 1988 , 14 teachers , 4 caretakers a , a secretary and a principal made up the staff component of the school along with 205 pupils. On 15 January 1991 , Sherwood Primary School became a Model D school and opened its doors to pupils of all races. By 1993 , further alterations to the school buildings were under way and the new building was officially opened on 8 October 1993. In 1997 ,  Mrs Nicholls was appointed as Deputy Principal.

Further building projects continued over the years to include the present day Grade R classrooms , a reading room and additional classrooms. Sherwood Primary celebrated its 50 th birthday in 2003 with 765 pupils and a staff compliment of 44 members. In February 2012 , the fourth principal , Miss Bronwyn Fisher passed away after serving the school as principal for over 25 years !  In 2013 , Mrs J. Seidle was appointed as Deputy Principal after Mrs Nicholls’ retirement and Mr D. Unger took up the post as principal at the start of 2014.

Sherwood Primary School continues to grow from strength to strength on the sports fields and in the classroom.

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